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Benefits Of Improving Driving Habits

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Welcome to my Web Site, I am a retired Illinois State Trooper and I live in Metropolis, Illinois. I have been teaching Defensive Driving for the National Safety Council for approximately ten years.

Defensive Driving can help you become a better driver by learning how to recognize hazards, and avoiding collisions in a variety of driving conditions. Driving is one the most dangerous things you do everyday.

This is not a Defensive Driving Course, or Rules of the Road Course. I put this Web Site together so you may get a better understanding of what Defensive Driving is about. I hope the information in this site will help you become a better driver.








Defensive Driving is:

"Driving to save lives, time and money in spite of the conditions around you and the actions of others."

You need to learn how to recognize traffic hazards, understand and develop safe driving habits, act correctly, in time, by choosing the safest driving behavior to avoid a crash

Defensive Driving involves both personal and legal responsibility. When you are behind the wheel you are responsible for yourself, you are responsible for the passengers in the vehicle, for other road users you encounter, you have responsibility to your family. The choices we make while driving affect many people.

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